Soilco has a range of track and wheel mounted trommel screens providing mobile flexibility.

With brand names such as Komptech, Doppstadt and Keestrack, the screens are robust and reliable, providing fit for purpose processing for a variety of different feed materials.


Drum Screens – Drum Screens are designed to provide a large screening area in a relatively small space. The rotating drum breaks up soil from hard clods and separates the smaller particles from the oversize. The drums are easily interchangeable with a selection of aperture sizes giving final fractions between 8mm and 40mm depending on your application.

Star Screens – Designed for organic materials, star screens are used in conjunction with shredders. Star screens offer better separation for oversize, wet materials and contamination such as plastic. Particle sizing can be easily changed by adjustment of the speed.

Keestrack Power Screen – The Keestrack is ideal for processing material with a high sand/ soil content. The Keestrack processes 30 – 200mm, 6mm to 30mm and minus 6mm fractions. This gives the end user options for blending to different soil specifications and the 200mm overs can be used decoratively onsite.


Track Mounted Screens – For rugged ground and uneven terrain our track mounted screens can handle even the most difficult situations. Self-propelling, these screens can move between multiple stockpile locations within a short distance and are built to scale sloping ground.

Wheeled Mounted Screens – Suitable for level ground and hard stands, wheeled units can be towed around different areas of a job site if required.

If you would like more information on how our screens work, or a recommendation for your application please contact us on

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